News Release: Spectrums Surveys at ExploringMyReligion

The Spectrums Project surveys can now be found at This its uses the Instant-Feedback Survey Platform (from the Institute for the Biocultural Study of Religion; see The platform gives each participant individualized feedback immediately after completing a survey. The feedback describes the purpose of the survey and the meaning of results. Participants also receive customized graphs showing how their scores relate to those of others who have taken the survey.

News Release: Spectrums Project achieves full funding

Mary Elizabeth Moore, Dean of the School of Theology, has been awarded a grant from the Arthur Vining Davis Foundations for the two academic years 2011-2013. Part of that grant is to support the Spectrums Project. As a result, the project team has been able to recruit stellar post-doctoral fellow Aimee Radom. You can find out more about Aimee and her research on the project personnel page.

This represents a great step forward for the Spectrums Project and, we hope, for the scholarly understanding of religious and political ideology.